New CS:GO Source 2 Engine leaks, code changes revealed

Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2021

On December 14, dataminer @Gabe Follower noted a change in the code on GitHub regarding the Source 2 Engine. Valve has now added the ability to create maps for the Source 2 Engine to Workshop Manager, which is primarily used to create maps for CS:GO.

Source code

New option to select csgo as launch option. Source: Twitter

Maybe something big is about to happen

According to Steam Database stats, as of Thursday, December 9th, there were up to 4 developers online in the CS:GO beta at any one time. In terms of stats, this is a high number that was last reached a year ago. Numbers this high have usually been closely tied to a major update or operation.

CS:GO Developer Chart

Source: Steam Database

What would this change mean for us players?

One possibility is that the players will not notice the change. Primarily, Source 2 would make things easier for developers that are currently working in the Source 1 engine, which is almost 20 years old. Developers would have more options and would not be limited by the power of the old engine. This could bring more frequent updates, improved game visuals (shadows, lighting, texture detail, etc.) and better performance to the community.

Video from where we got the information