New website

Dienstag, 28. September 2021

We improved the logo, used a new font and made the logo more symmetrical.

What's new on the website?

You will find a lot of news on our new website. The description is divided into individual pages

  • Servers -- We are now collecting more information about the servers, so you can find out who is currently playing on the server and, if applicable, their stats. You can find out what is the most played map on the server and information about it. There is also a chat log that you can browse. And lastly, you can see when the server has the most and least players in the graph's column.

  • Demos -- We have a database of demos that we offer you to download. You have to be quick, you only have one day to download it in case you don't have VIP.

  • Shop -- We have launched a fully automated store that will instantly add VIPs after payment. You can choose from payments like PayPal, CS:GO skins and SMS.

  • Team -- This page remains the same as the previous page, we just improved the design.

  • News -- In the news section you will find all information about updates on the server and planned events. đŸ€«

  • FAQ -- Since some of your questions have been repeated, we have created a list of the most common ones for you to answer.

  • User profile -- Are you interested in the stats of other players or yourself? We've got it all for you in the player profiles!

What can you look forward to?

The development of the website does not stop at this point, on the contrary, we plan to keep working on the website and develop it further. You can also look forward to an event we are planning for next month. 🏆